Wiener Blut

“The operetta audience is an operetta race: the race of people who are always happy, always in a good mood”. Franz Lehár

Imagine you were in Vienna at the turn of the century at the wedding of the operetta… It was the time when the Soubrettes were praised not only for their vocal qualities, but also because they were extremely freely presented. And the worried Émile Zola even said that one should strangle the operetta like a harmful animal….

But if one forgets morality, then it lives itself completely uninhibitedly! Unfortunately, in the next few hours it will not always be politically correct, but it will be amusing in any case when Ralph Benatzky bows down in front of a rainy window pane out of vanity or when Emmerich Kálmán is mistaken for Franz Lehár at the customs office… This and much more awaits you this evening. You will also learn interesting facts about the fashion of the time, the secrets of Sachertorte and the Viennese waltz. It will be musically elegant and refined, with many icing on the cake and delicacies in the form of arias, melodies and duets – from Strauss and Stolz to Lehár and Offenbach – in the most beautiful vocal colors of a mezzo-soprano and a tenor…

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of operetta and take a look behind the scenes of that time with us!