It’s showtime!

An unforgettable evening in the style of New York Broadway full of glamour and glamour

It’s showtime! We lay the most beautiful hits of the musical at your feet, with a pinch of humor, expert anecdotes and surprising backgrounds… Follow the invitation of a mezzo-soprano, a tenor and a pianist, who will solemnly serve you the best of everything on a silver platter – a veritable five-star gourmet gourmet program consisting of Cats, Phantom of the Opera, Elisabeth, Les Misérables, West Side Story and many other world-famous shows… You can become weak and this
give in to musical temptation without any regrets!

From the origins of the musical to the most modern works, the trio paints an irresistibly colorful musical arc, sometimes quietly and lovingly, sometimes lively and swinging. You will learn en passant about the risks of the composer Leonard Bernstein’s audience with Pope Paul IV and about the pets and the housekeeper of his colleague Andrew Lloyd Webber, who must be allowed to have a decisive influence on the work. And about the indestructibility of Cole Porter’s mother wit. One could justifiably speak of a handkerchief-laden spectacle, since it cannot be completely ruled out that you will be overwhelmed by your emotions. We are looking forward to an unforgettable evening in the style of New York Broadway and London’s West End, not to mention Paris and Vienna, an evening full of glamour and glamour! We look forward to seeing you!