Blessur d’Amour

There have long been a wide variety of emergency pharmacies for physical injuries, and each of us has one. But what about injuries to the heart? There we are often left in the lurch, in the truest sense of the word…. That’s why we’ve decided to put together a little first-aid kit of comfort, “tout en Chanson”, and promise a quick effect and relief of symptoms. We have undertaken nothing less than to get to the bottom of the mystery of love and to examine its various facets.

We draw from the French chansong heritage of Sardou, Becaud, Aznavour, Ferré and many more and look for answers: Can you fall in love with a guitar or even a piece of clothing, and is its loss painful?

Does chocolate help against lovesickness or is chocolate ice cream better? And if so, which brand? Can one love be replaced by another as a placebo? Like sweetener instead of sugar? Can the heart be deceived? Does passion really have to be, and if so, how much? Is it possible to fall out of love, and is there a collection point for ex-lovers? Or do you have to hire a clearing-out company? No matter what questions you have about love, with us you may not be cured, but at least you will be helped. And since we don’t have a leaflet you don’t need to ask your doctor or pharmacist about risks and side effects… But we guarantee charm, wit, voices,
piano, guitar, accordion and a lot of heart and soul…