About Marie & Jenny

Marie and Jenny feel
like on a mission:
they love sharing
their passion for
good music with
the rest of the world.



Marie Giroux  is of French origin, a fact which explains her charming accent and her dark complexion. In Avignon in France, where she was  born, is more sunshine as the sun enjoys shining longer than in Germany.

Marie started studying the flute in Paris and Toulouse, but after some time she wanted to take more advantage of her stunning voice. She discovered her wonderful, warm mezzo-soprano and finished her studies as an opera singer at the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler in Berlin.

She enjoys singing opera and operetta as well as musicals and chansons. Her tendency to rebellion and her strong desire for freedom explain the fact that she hates being pigeonholed.

Besides her unique voice and her good technique - some convincing arguments for her success on stage - she possesses a certain appeal, which explain her ability for making her humorous and perhaps sometimes cheeky texts presented in  her charming accent be accepted  by the audiences - even though they may sometimes be slightly provoking at least. One knows that the eyes can hear, too.

Marie Giroux loves to show her creative spirit in her program and in her own texts she uses a more or less correct, but at any rate humorous German which even makes  the so-called reserved people from Northern Germany smile.

A distinct talent for mental calculation, an unbelievable punctuality and an admirable physical discipline distinguish her from others. At any hotel she visits in a new town she will make inquiries for the best jogging route  that she can use. No wonder that the Germans did not allow her to go back to France.

Apart from all those facts mentioned until now without wishing to perpetuate a certain stereotype, it should be known that she loves red wine and cheese. And handbags from Berlin, which are branded by an expression her parents would have loved to use for her, when Marie was still a little child: “Liebeskind” (sweet child).



Jenny Schäuffelen had not yet started her school-career, when for the first time  she was allowed to play the piano at the age of five.

Very early she recognized that her abilities and character were best suited for accompanying others on the piano. Apart from her technical performance she can show great patience and has excellent sensitivity and intuition for accompanying those who are sometimes rather egocentric female or male singers.

She got so much committed to the sound of the piano that she also successfully finished her studies at the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler in Berlin. After that Jenny was offered the chance of continuing her studies in special master-classes for accompanying singers and for improvisation.

In her unlimited love for playing the piano she discovered another related instrument: the accordion. And since then she tries to make use of this extravagant instrument whenever she thinks it is best suited for her purposes.

She considers herself  as someone who prefers to accompany opera singers, singers of classical music but also of musicals and chansons.  And whenever  there is a special possibility she does not mind having the stage for herself as a soloist.

For certain projects Jenny Schäuffelen was in charge of the musical direction. For her it was no problem at all to feel  responsible for the whole musical project. She is well organized herself and so perfectly suited for taking over the role of a self-confident organizer for others. In a certain way it reflects her private role at home: she is head of a family of four persons and fills her role with great intuition and virtuosity.

Jenny Schäuffelen is not afraid at all of Marie Giroux’ charming cheeky texts and even supports her with her dry, prosaic northern character.

For being successful on stage it is always an advantage to have a nice appearance. Those who would like to define the colour blue have to look at Jenny's deep blue eyes.

Besides music she is characterized by two further passions: They are an obvious weakness for Polkadots, and sweets have no chance of not being eaten with great pleasure.

Marie & Jenny

Marie Giroux and Jenny Schäuffelen met on a yacht on the River Seine. Perhaps one may not believe it, but it must have been love at first sight or in their case: at the first sound of music.

And since then they have had innumerable shows with their first program "Parisian Flair” in the different parts of Germany. And all those shows were very successful, praised by audiences and critics alike.

Marie and Jenny have a huge repertoire of opera music at their disposal. Like all women they love drama with or without a happy end.

Another common feature of the two musicians is their sense of humour, which they regularly show in their performances. Both succeed in being extremely exact and highly professional with their work and if they take refuge to dope the utmost is sweets to keep themselves at high spirits during rehearsals.

Marie and Jenny feel obliged  to share their love of music with the rest of the world.


Our Programms

Madame Piaf

Throughout her life, Édith Piaf has never shied away from the naked truth. Those who have never been wrapped in absorbent cotton themselves are not inclined to transfiguration. In this respect, Marie Giroux approaches the diva in her new program “Madame Piaf” in the same way as she herself would probably have done: relentlessly and unpretentiously – only with considerably more charm and humor than Piaf herself knew how to radiate. And it takes little more than Giroux’s moderation to guess that here a French chanson singer dives into the life of another, even more famous chanson singer in a quite surprising way to present the other, less known side of the Piaf. “I have sagging breasts and a small, flat bottom,” the Giroux quotes the Piaf right at the beginning, “but I get the men anyway.

In a conservative black costume she leans casually against the piano. She blinks with her left eye during the sentence. Her whole face smiles amidst the long wild blonde curls. She is significantly taller than Édith Piaf with her 1.47 meters it once was. And also the fact that Giroux, actually a mezzo-soprano, does not describe herself with the phrase, can be seen at first glance. The evenings that promise to pay homage to the great Édith Piaf usually take place in the predictable realm – a roundel of often sad songs, somewhere between life in pink and nothing regret. The evenings approach the famous original sometimes more, sometimes less. If it runs optimally, the audience almost only misses that typical crackling of old shellac treasures, which distinguishes the original from the plagiarism. Almost.

Many female artists try their hand at the rich repertoire of the great Piaf, who had sung over 3000 songs in her lifetime when she died in October 1963. Especially this year, in which the probably greatest chanson singer of all times would have celebrated her 100th birthday, Piaf programs enjoy great popularity. But while most of them routinely string together only La vie en rose, Milord and Non, je ne regrette rien, Marie Giroux with pianist Jenny Schäuffelen and cellist Frédérique Labbow offers her audience an extraordinary excursion through the life of the famous and notorious, celebrated and feared Piaf.

It is not about how Piaf was abandoned by her biological mother shortly after birth, neglected by one of her grandmothers and raised in a brothel by the other. It is not about her father, who was prone to violent excesses and addicted to alcoholism, the early death of her only daughter or the murder of her mentor. With the support of Labbow, Giroux and Schäuffelen discuss with wit and witty repartee no less authentic views of Piaf’s life, which is steeped in tragedy: they devote themselves to the numerous loves and their benefits for big little Piaf. It’s about getting anyway.

That sounds like a dangerous tightrope walk. After all, rousing stage entertainment can justifiably be considered a great art. It is all about successfully reconciling contradictions: An artist has to meet the expectations of the audience in terms of content, at best he may exceed them, but at the same time he has to surprise them. The trio Giroux, Schäuffelen and Labbow, who are also touring alongside Tim Bendzko and Andreas Bourani, succeed in this inimitably. In “Madame Piaf”, the three music college graduates prove their impressive versatility, both through sensitive and refreshing original arrangements of the chansons with surprising instrumental changes and in the originality with which they take on the men and women who lined the path of Piaf’s life.

Sometimes they themselves were already famous, boxers or cyclists or Marlene Dietrich, sometimes they became it in the wake of the little charismatic singer. And so Giroux surprises her audience in the “unmasking of a diva” with the great men of the chanson, from Charles Aznavour, Piaf’s former private secretary, to Gilbert Bécaud, Yves Montand, Georges Moustaki, who wrote for Piaf Milord, to Jacques Pills and Johnny Hallyday, the French soft rocker, who was not even helped by the fact that he actually still fell under puppy protection when he met Piaf. The new Piaf program shows how Giroux has studied the Piaf intensively for over half a year in order to put together an amusing evening entertainment without unnecessary prudery but with expertise, which is not only musically rousing. Swept away my love affairs and all their whining, swept away forever”, sang the Piaf in her most famous chanson, “I start from zero, because my life, my happiness begin today with you”.

It’s showtime!

An unforgettable evening in the style of New York Broadway full of glamour and glamour

It’s showtime! We lay the most beautiful hits of the musical at your feet, with a pinch of humor, expert anecdotes and surprising backgrounds… Follow the invitation of a mezzo-soprano, a tenor and a pianist, who will solemnly serve you the best of everything on a silver platter – a veritable five-star gourmet gourmet program consisting of Cats, Phantom of the Opera, Elisabeth, Les Misérables, West Side Story and many other world-famous shows… You can become weak and this
give in to musical temptation without any regrets!

From the origins of the musical to the most modern works, the trio paints an irresistibly colorful musical arc, sometimes quietly and lovingly, sometimes lively and swinging. You will learn en passant about the risks of the composer Leonard Bernstein’s audience with Pope Paul IV and about the pets and the housekeeper of his colleague Andrew Lloyd Webber, who must be allowed to have a decisive influence on the work. And about the indestructibility of Cole Porter’s mother wit. One could justifiably speak of a handkerchief-laden spectacle, since it cannot be completely ruled out that you will be overwhelmed by your emotions. We are looking forward to an unforgettable evening in the style of New York Broadway and London’s West End, not to mention Paris and Vienna, an evening full of glamour and glamour! We look forward to seeing you!

Femmes Fatales

– Heroines of freedom –

Marie Giroux, singing
Sylke Hannasky, acting
Jenny Schäuffelen, piano

Come in, noble ladies and gentlemen, dare to enter our Salon der Femmes extraordinaires.
What makes us special, you ask yourself? Take a look before you hear us. Ah, beautiful and dangerous at the same time, you say, is that what makes a femme fatale, in your opinion? Well, yes, you are right. On the one hand. And yet on the other hand, it is far too little to describe us…. seductive – seditious, political – provocative, passionate – passionate, convincing – underestimated, committed – refined, attractive? …No adjective is good enough to do justice to the truth.
From the first moment when Eve gave you men the apple, we knew that we had to be to blame for everything… But you shouldn’t confuse apple with pear – whose eroticism you, too, will appreciate no less in our program…
God knows how many battles we have fought, even won battles that were actually doomed to failure. But no price was too high for us to impose our ideals and convictions, sometimes loudly, sometimes subtly, as we women are. Voting rights, self-determination, financial and sexual independence – nothing was simply given to us.
From Eva and Cleopatra to Beate Uhse and Emmeline Pankhurst, Josephine Baker and Marie Curie, we will lovingly reveal some of the secrets of these femmes fatales without exposing them.
Among other things, you will learn why the English Sufragettes were true fashion experts apart from their political commitment, and what Cleopatra had to do with vibrators.
We – a charming Conferenciere, a cleaning-crazy sensitive pianist and a “moussing” chanteuse – present musical and literary portraits of some of our sisters who gave women a great deal of freedom and equality.
After all, isn’t the woman the better half of humanity? Don’t be sad, dear men, because even among you there will at least be consensus: We women are always more fascinating …

Ensemble Spreegold

“Music is the voice that tells us that man is better than he thinks.” Napoleon Bonaparte

Where politics is not always successful, we as an international ensemble want to be peacemakers with our music, using bows, keys and voices. We want to build bridges not only between classical and classical music, but also between people and cultures, to be ambassadors for more togetherness and for more solidarity and respect.

From classical to jazz and klezmer to swing, operetta, chanson and musicals, with “Die Gala” you will experience a special event with many different facets, from light to profound, which will perhaps move you to tears, but will also sometimes encourage you to dance.

The Ensemble Spreegold consists of international classically trained musicians from Berlin, who are on the road in various genres and who would like to make a difference with their music.

A musical journey around the world from Paris to Vienna via Budapest or Buenos Aires and New York, stimulatingly presented by the Duo Pariser Flair.

Look forward to an eclectic musical gala evening!

Parisian Flair

This is the slogan that Marie Giroux has chosen to take her audience to Paris – into the streets and alleys, into the houses, hotels and centre of this unique european metropolis.

Paris – a complete world for itself. Marie Giroux tries to show that Paris has more tourist attractions than the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum and her audience begins to realize how many other possibilities of enjoying the town there really exist.

With their music just as much as with their lyrics the two artists take their audience on an unusual sightseeing tour through the different areas of this wonderful  town.

The Flair of the town becomes more and more vivid  with each new chanson – and always in a different kind of way:  Either there is a touch of irony or flirtation, or it is yearningly or perhaps filled with sadness, but of course sometimes also full of  hope. You can hear songs about (mostly beautiful) girls or (handsome) men, their relationship to each other, their thoughts, their happiness or sufferings.

On this walk through the several parts of Paris you will not only listen to music about the town, but will also receive valuable tips about restaurants, ice cream-bars and many other things as for example  the famous cabarets  “Le chat noir” or “L’ ecluse” in the Quartier Latin. The diverse localities offer an opportunity for partly humorous, partly tragic anecdotes about well- known French singers of chansons.

You will have a chance of seeing the several points of this tour of Paris on a map of the town. The program starts from former singers of chansons like Satie or Poulenc to classical singers like Brel, Barbara, Aznavour or Piaf to at last  the most interesting modern singers of this type of songs. Expect surprises even if you feel acquainted with Montmartre, Les Halles and all the rest of this fabulous capital.

Die goldene Zeit der UFA

“I know that one day a miracle will happen, and then a thousand fairy tales will come true.

The Ufa film and music industry and its dazzling stars have shaped an epoch. A cheerful and state-sponsored art, but one that developed in a dark time, as finely as nastily orchestrated by Joseph Goebbels, the so-called Reichsminister for Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda. He was aware that the people needed rest from the daily war-mongering and leader indoctrination, and that non-political entertainment was suitable for that purpose. Music, operetta and revue films therefore experienced a pronounced boom in the thirties and forties. Lilian Harvey and Willy Fritsch, Marika Rökk and Johannes Heesters, Hans Albers, IlseWerner and Zarah Leander offered the audience glamour and glamour. They let them forget their world falling into ruins for a few hours. But how does that fit together? Can real music and art be created under censorship?

Some artists, such as Zarah Leander, knew how to balance the scales: At a party she met the Nazi propaganda boss Joseph Goebbels. He asked her dangerously ironic: “Zarah … Is that not a Jewish name?” “Oh, maybe,” said the actress, “but what about Josef?” “Hmmm… yes, yes, a good answer,” Goebbels replied. But even an abuse, no matter what kind, motivation or system, can neither rob art of its character nor spoil its innermost core in his sense. And it is clear that the film music of the UFA and its songs are real art: They have lost none of their shine and remain very popular. We offer a charming and nostalgic musical revue of the Ufa era and draw a portrait of an ambivalent epoch … Welcome to the salon of Zarah Leander…

Blessur d’Amour

Längst gibt es die verschiedensten Notfallapotheken für körperliche Verletzungen, und jeder von uns besitzt eine. Aber was ist mit Verletzungen der Herzen?
Da werden wir oft im Stich gelassen, im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes…
Deshalb haben wir uns vorgenommen, eine kleine Reiseapotheke des Trosts zusammenzustellen, „tout en Chanson“ und versprechen eine schnelle Wirkung und eine Linderung der Symptome.

Wir haben uns nichts Geringeres vorgenommen, als dem Geheimnis der Liebe auf den Grund zu gehen und ihre verschiedenen Facetten zu untersuchen.
Wir schöpfen dabei aus dem französischen Chansongut von Sardou, Becaud, Aznavour, Ferré und vielen mehr und suchen nach Antworten: Kann man sich in eine Gitarre oder auch in ein Kleidungsstück verlieben, und ist dann sein Verlust schmerzhaft?

Hilft Schokolade gegen Liebeskummer oder ist Schokoladeneis besser? Und wenn ja, welche Marke? Kann eine Liebe durch eine andere ersetzt werden als Placebo? So wie Süssstoff statt Zucker? Lässt sich das Herz täuschen? Muss Leidenschaft wirklich sein, und wenn ja wieviel? Kann man sich entlieben, und gibt es eine Sammelstelle für die verflossenen Geliebten? Oder muss man eine Entrümpelungsfirma beauftragen?
Egal, welche Fragen Sie in Sachen Liebe haben, bei uns werden Sie vielleicht nicht geheilt, jedoch wird Ihnen wenigstens geholfen. Und da wir keine Packungsbeilage
im Gepäck haben, brauchen Sie wegen Risiken und Nebenwirkungen nicht Ihren Arzt oder Apotheker zu fragen… Dafür bürgen wir für Charme, Witz, Stimmen,
Klavier, Gitarre, Akkordeon und viel Herzblut …

The Gala

Where politics is not always successful, we as an international ensemble with our music want to be peacemakers with bows, keys and voices. We want to build bridges not only between classical and serious music, but also between people and cultures, we want to be ambassadors for more togetherness and for more solidarity and respect.

From classical music to jazz and klezmer to swing, operetta, chanson and musicals, with “Die Gala” you will experience a special event with many different facets, from light to profound, which will perhaps move you to tears, but also animate you to dance.
The Ensemble Spreegold consists of international classically trained musicians from Berlin, who are travelling in different genres and who would like to make a difference with their music.

A musical journey around the world from Paris to Vienna via Budapest or Buenos Aires and New York, stimulatingly moderated by the duo Paris Flair.
Look forward to a versatile musical gala evening!

“The Gala” is suitable for almost every occasion: as a New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Gala, as an open air or concert event and much more.
We can discuss the focus of the moderation with you individually.

Wiener Blut

“The operetta audience is an operetta race: the race of people who are always happy, always in a good mood”. Franz Lehár

Imagine you were in Vienna at the turn of the century at the wedding of the operetta… It was the time when the Soubrettes were praised not only for their vocal qualities, but also because they were extremely freely presented. And the worried Émile Zola even said that one should strangle the operetta like a harmful animal….

But if one forgets morality, then it lives itself completely uninhibitedly! Unfortunately, in the next few hours it will not always be politically correct, but it will be amusing in any case when Ralph Benatzky bows down in front of a rainy window pane out of vanity or when Emmerich Kálmán is mistaken for Franz Lehár at the customs office… This and much more awaits you this evening. You will also learn interesting facts about the fashion of the time, the secrets of Sachertorte and the Viennese waltz. It will be musically elegant and refined, with many icing on the cake and delicacies in the form of arias, melodies and duets – from Strauss and Stolz to Lehár and Offenbach – in the most beautiful vocal colors of a mezzo-soprano and a tenor…

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of operetta and take a look behind the scenes of that time with us!

The most wonderful declarations of love in opera

Love … the most  wonderful minor matter of the world…

From times immemorial love has been the main topic of the opera and musical comedy. The several states of love have been sung about, have been summoned, whispered and also kept secret, so that one has to find out what can be heard between the notes.

By this program your potential of love is to rise beyond measure; and so you will be filled with love yourself, and cheery you will return to your daily routine. We will give you a musical love potion, which you will be able to enjoy without any scruple or restriction.

The mezzo-soprano Marie Giroux and the tenor Joseph Schnurr will present the most wonderful declarations of love of the opera and operetta from works by Mozart, Bizet, Offenbach, Lehar and Rossini. Whether meant for a concert or a dinner – the program will suit every formal occasion.

Marie Giroux will take you through the evening with her charming French accent and her incredible voice. As a kind of cream topping on the program you will enjoy little scenes about love written by authors like Loriot, Tucholsky or others, which will make you smile and laugh.


Der Zauber der Sterne

Markt und Straßen steh´n verlassen,
Still erleuchtet jedes Haus,
Sinnend geh´ ich durch die Gassen,
alles sieht so festlich aus. (…)
Wie so weit und still die Welt!
Sterne hoch die Kreise schlingen,
Aus des Schnees Einsamkeit
Steigt´s wie wunderbares Singen –
O du gnadenreiche Zeit!
– Joseph von Eichendorff –

Weihnachten ist eine besinnliche Zeit, alles und jeder hält inne, und es leuchten tausend Lichter im Dunkeln…die Zeit der Kerzen,Kugeln, Kränze, Geschichten und Geschenke… Auch wir haben für Sie ein ganz besonderes Präsent. Wir bescheren Ihnen die schönsten Sterne des Universums: von Zimtsternen über Seesterne, Sterneköche, Sternzeichen, Sterntaler und Schneesterne, aber auch natürlich Weihnachtssterne und vieles mehr. Und wir erzählen von dem Zauber dieser einzelnen Sterne, die – wenn es Christkind das will – Sie dann das ganze Jahr im Herzen begleiten und über Sie wachen werden – bis zum nächsten- Weihnachtsfeste.

Wir schmücken dam it einen ganz und gar völlig ungewöhnlichen Weihnachtsbaum und hoffen, dass ganz zum Schluss gar Sterne in Ihren Augen glänzen mögen. Musikalisch untermalen die Sternfeen Anne Görner (Sopran), Marie Giroux (Mezzosopran und Querflöte) und Jenny Schäuffelen (Klavier) diese Sternstunden mit lieblichen Weihnachtsklassikern aus aller Welt wie unter anderen Stille Nacht, den Sternen von Schubert aber auch Jingle Bells, Cantique de Noël oder der italienische Klassiker Tu scendi delle Stelle. Und mit diesen festlichen Klängen werden Sie – hoffentlich – dem Zauber der Sternen verfallen…


Date Programm Time Venue
14.01.2023Neujahrsgala Ensemble SpreegoldWittelsbacher Schloss
15.01.2023Neujahrsgala Ensemble SpreegoldWittelsbacher Schloss
26.01.2023Femmes FatalesBallhaus Wedding
27.01.2023Pariser FlairFortuna Kulturfabrik
28.01.2023Femmes FatalesLindenkeller
04.02.2023Pariser FlairHotel Der Lindenhof
08.02.2023Die goldene Zeit der UfaStadttheater
10.02.2023Pariser FlairTheater Neubrandenburg/Neustrelitz
18.02.2023Madame PiafTheaterscheune
19.02.2023Femmes FatalesMarstall
24.02.2023It’s ShowtimeKulturfabrik
25.02.2023Die goldene Zeit der UFATheatersaal
03.03.2023Die goldene Zeit der UfaBürgersaal
04.03.2023Pariser FlairKulturtage Köngen/Schloss
05.03.2023Femmes FatalesSchlossgut Altlandsberg
08.03.2023Femmes FatalesBühne Hotel am Rathaus
Ostseebad Schönberg
11.03.2023Die goldene Zeit der UfaBrentanoscheune
12.03.2023It’s ShowtimeSchloss Meßkirch
17.03.2023Pariser FlairOpen Air Kurpark - Konzertmuschel
Bad Rothenfelde
18.03.2023Pariser FlairWandelhalle
Bad Nenndorf
23.03.2023Femmes FatalesTheater
31.03.2023It’s ShowtimeKulturkirche
08.04.2023Die schönsten Liebeserklärungen der Oper und OperetteKursaal
Bad Lauchstädt
09.04.2023It‘s Showtime Theater
15.04.2023Die schönsten Liebeserklärungen der Oper und OperetteTheater
16.04.2023It's ShowtimeHaus des Gastes
Ostseebad Wustrow
17.04.2023It’s ShowtimeOpernhaus
22.04.2023Pariser FlairEvangelisches Gemeindezentrum
27.04.2023Pariser FlairSchloss - Épernay Saal
28.04.2023It’s ShowtimeAlte Kirche
05.05.2023Pariser FlairHistorisches Bürgerhaus Langenberg
13.05.2023Madame Piaftbc
14.05.2023Pariser FlairBarbara-Künkelin-Halle
19.05.2023Pariser FlairKulturhalle
20.05.2023It’s ShowtimeStadtsaal
Wetter (Ruhr)
21.05.2023It‘s ShowtimeBucerius-Saal
27.05.2023Pariser FlairKulturhaus im Bürgerpark
28.05.2023Pariser FlairRathaus/Zummermann Saal
10.06.2023Pariser Flair20:00Viva Kulturforum
11.06.2023Pariser Flair15:00Kurhaus Open Air
Bad Schmiedeberg
16.06.2023Die goldene Zeit der Ufa19:30Theater
17.06.2023Die Goldene Zeit der UFA19:00Haus des Gastes
Ostseebad Wustrow
20.06.2023Pariser Flair18:00Aula der Universität - Eröffnung des Norddeutschen Frankophonie- und Frankreich-Zentrums
23.06.2023It's Showtime19:00Marktplatz Open Air
24.06.2023Pariser Flair19:30Open Air Bühne
Bad Bevensen
29.06.2023It’s Showtime20:00Haus des Kurgastes
07.07.2023Madame Piaf19:30König Albert Theater
Bad Elster
14.08.2023Pariser Flair20:00Bad Godesberg Open Air
26.08.2023It’s Showtime20:00Kurtheater Bad Salzuflen
27.08.2023Die Goldene Zeit der Ufa16:00Klosterhof
30.08.2023Blessur d’amour19:00Haus des Gastes
Ostseebad Wustrow
01.09.2023Blessur d’amour20:00Stephanus Kirche/Kultur vor Ort
06.09.2023Pariser Flair20:00Gemeindehaus Norddorf
Norddorf/ Amrum
07.09.2023Pariser Flair20:00Kurgartensaal
Wyk auf Föhr
08.09.2023Pariser Flair19:30Kursaal
09.09.2023Pariser Flair20:00Charlottenhof
10.09.2023Blessur d'amour17:00Alte Bürgermeisterei
14.09.2023Pariser Flair20:00Haus der Kultur
15.09.2023Pariser Flair19:00Kulturzentrum
16.09.2023Blessur d'amour19:30Herzogenburg
17.09.2023Pariser Flair19:30Clubhaus Comma
22.09.2023Die goldene Zeit der UFA19:00Kloster
23.09.2023Die Goldene Zeit der Ufa18:00Gasthof Röttger
29.09.2023It‘s Showtime19:30Stadthalle
30.09.2023Pariser Flair19:30Eugen-Hohle-Halle
01.10.2023Die goldene Zeit der UFA19:00Rittergut
05.10.2023Poseidon und die Plastiksee Showcase 19:30Ballhaus Wedding
06.10.2023Die schönsten Liebeserklärungen der Oper und Operette19:30Burg
07.10.2023Die goldene Zeit der Ufa20:00Rathaus
13.10.2023Madame Piaf19:30Theater
14.10.2023Die Goldene Zeit der Ufa19:00Kunsthaus
15.10.2023Die Goldene Zeit der Ufa19:30Theaterscheune
19.10.2023Pariser Flair20:00Stadthalle
21.10.2023Pariser Flair20:00Kulturscheune
27.10.2023Pariser Flair20:00Kleinkunstbühne
28.10.2023Blessur d’amour19:30Forum
04.11.2023Wiener Blut19:30Theater
05.11.2023Wiener Blut / Spreegold Gala19:30Theater
10.11.2023Pariser Flair20:00Sennestadthaus Vortragssaal
12.11.2023Pariser Flair17:00Kulturweberei
16.11.2023Blessur d'amour19:30Stadthalle
17.11.2023Madame Piaf20:00Bürgerhaus
18.11.2023Madame Piaf19:30Sauerland-Theater
19.11.2023Pariser Flair19:00Stadt-Aula
24.11.2023Pariser Flair20:00Hotel Straelener Hof
25.11.2023Blessur d’amour20:00Bürgerhaus
02.12.2023Weihnachtsgala: Zauber der Sterne mit dem Ensemble Spreegold19:00Festspielhaus
03.12.2023Adventsgala: Zauber der Sterne mit dem Ensemble Spreegold16:00Theater
08.12.2023Die schönsten Liebeserklärungen der Oper und Operette20:00Schloss Salder
09.12.2023Der Zauber der Sterne19:00Stadthalle
Kahl am Main
14.12.2023Zauber der Sterne20:00Kulturkirche St. Agathe
15.12.2023Der Zauber der Sterne20:00Bürgerhaus
16.12.2023Der Zauber der Sterne19:30Speratushaus
21.12.2023Gala Zauber der Sterne mit Ensemble Spreegold20:00Bürgerhaus
25.12.2023Weihnachtsgala Ensemble Spreegold17:00Auenkirche
26.12.2023Weihnachtsgala mit Ensemble Spreegold19:30Kaisersaal
Heringsdorf auf Usedom
31.12.2023Silvestergala Ensemble Spreegold15:30Theater
31.12.2023Silvestergala Ensemble Spreegold19:30Theater
31.12.2023Silvestergala Ensemble Spreegold - Late Show22:15Theater
Date Programm Time Venue
01.01.2024Neujahrsgala mit Ensemble Spreegold16:00Theater
01.01.2024Neujahrsgala mit Ensemble Spreegold19:30Theater
13.01.2024Die schönsten Liebeserklärungen der Oper und Operette20:00Parksaal
Bad Salzhausen
14.01.2024Die schönsten Liebeserklärungen der Oper und Operette19:30Brentano-Scheune
26.01.2024Blessur d´amour20:00Stadthalle Balingen
27.01.2024Blessur d'amour20:00Zehntscheuer
30.01.2024Pariser Flair19:30Priesterkate
03.02.2024Wiener Blut19:30Theater
11.02.2024Pariser Flair17:00Königsmarcksaal
15.02.2024Pariser Flair19:30Ehemalige Synagoge
17.02.2024Pariser Flair 19:00Halle Oppenau
23.02.2024Die schönsten Liebeserklärungen der Oper und Operette19:00Bahnhof
25.02.2024It’s Showtime20:00Stadtaula
08.03.2024Femmes Fatales19:30Theater Forum Alte Werft
10.03.2024Femmes Fatales19:00Stadthalle
15.03.2024It’s Showtime20:00Waldbronn
23.03.2024Pariser Flair19:30Theater Meißen
07.04.2024Pariser Flair18:00Stadttheater
12.04.2024It's Showtime20:00Hotel Zum Lindenhof
19.04.2024Blessur d'amour20:15Forum
Seon (Schweiz)
27.04.2024Pariser Flair20:00Kulturforum
05.05.2024Pariser Flair20:00Stadthalle
18.05.2024Pariser Flair20:00Max-Ernst-Museum
24.05.2024It’s Showtime20:00Kulturschmiede
08.06.2024Wiener Blut19:30Comödienhaus
Bad Liebenstein
09.06.2024It‘s Showtime20:00Naturbühne
26.07.2024Pariser Flair20:00Schlossgarten Salden Open Air
31.08.2024Best of Pariser Flair19:00Kulturbahnhof Mittenwald
21.09.2024Pariser Flair19:30Käch-Schüür
24.10.2024It’s Showtime20:00Klosterschüer Ofteringen
25.10.2024Die Goldene Zeit der Ufa20:00Prinz-Max-Saal
30.11.2024Zauber der Sterne20:00Hotel am Rathaus
Ostseebad Schönberg
14.12.2024Zauber der Sterne17:00Aula der Humboldtschule
15.12.2024Zauber der Sterne17:00Burg
22.12.2024Zauber der Sterne16:00Schlossgut
26.12.2024Die Weihnachtsgala19:30Jesus Christus Kirche
Bad Rothenfelde
Date Programm Time Venue
06.01.2025Neujahrsgala mit Ensemble Spreegold19:00Stadttheater
11.01.2025Neujahrkonzert Ensemble Spreegold19:30Wittelsbacher Schloss
12.01.2025Neujahrkonzert Ensemble Spreegold11:00Wittelsbacher Schloss
17.01.2025Neujahrsgala mit Ensemble Spreegold19:30Kurtheater
Bad Salzuflen
19.01.2025Feierliche Jubiläums-Neujahrsgala19:30Theater
15.03.2025Pariser Flair20:00Theatersaal
23.03.2025Pariser Flair17:00Schloss
09.05.2025Pariser Flair20:00Speicher


  • Comödienhaus Bad Liebenstein
  • Kurtheater Bad Salzuflen
  • BUGA Berlin
  • Französischer Dom Berlin
  • Schloss Friedrichsfelde Berlin
  • Theaterlabor Bielefeld
  • Empore Buchholz
  • Staatstheater Cottbus
  • Gerhard-Hauptmann-Theater Görlitz
  • Theater an der Wilhelmshöhe Lingen
  • Grüne Zitadelle Magdeburg
  • Volksbühne Osnabrück
  • Theater Putbus (Rügen)
  • Volkstheater Rostock
  • Rosenthal-Theater Selb
  • Salzlandtheater Staßfurt
  • Theater Wittenberg
  • u.v.m.