Pariser Flair à trois

“Mesdames et Messieurs, demandez le Programme! Notre visite de Paris va commencer!”

Imagine you’re in Paris and you have the best guided tour you could imagine, not only in the double-decker and voice from the tape. But also musically, culinary and much more!

The duo Pariser Flair, the French opera singer and long-time Parisian by choice Marie Giroux and the North German pearl of the Baltic Sea, the pianist and accordionist Jenny Schäuffelen, invite you on such a very special journey, both expertly and extremely charmingly. From Aznavour to Piaf via Brel and Becaud, you will hear the great classics of French chanson on this tour and get to know them better, but also get all kinds of interesting tips about Paris.

The ladies don’t leave out any area. So you will not be immune to surprises and imponderables: You’ll get to know Paris from all sides, from the latest most interesting sex toys and admission prices in the establishments of the Pigalle red light district to exquisite culinary delights such as Ladurée’s raspberry macaroons. Of course, the two elegant city guides will also give cultural recommendations, without the gourmets among you not getting their money’s worth at the same time, and insider tips on gastronomy.

On your tour along the Seine and through the quarters, you will also be challenged at times: Sometimes you will have to guess thoroughly astonishing connections, sometimes you will be encouraged to dance. On this very special tour, don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself dancing a famous Parisian tango.

To round off the programme, you as a guest will receive a small tour guide with all the tips and addresses that you will have become acquainted with en passant during this extraordinary evening. And without your feet hurting during this city tour. You can then try out everything on your next visit to Paris!

“So Mesdames et Messieurs get on board! Our Tour de Paris is about to start….”