Femmes Fatales

– Heroines of freedom –

Marie Giroux, singing
Sylke Hannasky, acting
Jenny Schäuffelen, piano

Come in, noble ladies and gentlemen, dare to enter our Salon der Femmes extraordinaires.
What makes us special, you ask yourself? Take a look before you hear us. Ah, beautiful and dangerous at the same time, you say, is that what makes a femme fatale, in your opinion? Well, yes, you are right. On the one hand. And yet on the other hand, it is far too little to describe us…. seductive – seditious, political – provocative, passionate – passionate, convincing – underestimated, committed – refined, attractive? …No adjective is good enough to do justice to the truth.
From the first moment when Eve gave you men the apple, we knew that we had to be to blame for everything… But you shouldn’t confuse apple with pear – whose eroticism you, too, will appreciate no less in our program…
God knows how many battles we have fought, even won battles that were actually doomed to failure. But no price was too high for us to impose our ideals and convictions, sometimes loudly, sometimes subtly, as we women are. Voting rights, self-determination, financial and sexual independence – nothing was simply given to us.
From Eva and Cleopatra to Beate Uhse and Emmeline Pankhurst, Josephine Baker and Marie Curie, we will lovingly reveal some of the secrets of these femmes fatales without exposing them.
Among other things, you will learn why the English Sufragettes were true fashion experts apart from their political commitment, and what Cleopatra had to do with vibrators.
We – a charming Conferenciere, a cleaning-crazy sensitive pianist and a “moussing” chanteuse – present musical and literary portraits of some of our sisters who gave women a great deal of freedom and equality.
After all, isn’t the woman the better half of humanity? Don’t be sad, dear men, because even among you there will at least be consensus: We women are always more fascinating …