Ensemble Spreegold

“Music is the voice that tells us that man is better than he thinks.” Napoleon Bonaparte

Where politics is not always successful, we as an international ensemble want to be peacemakers with our music, using bows, keys and voices. We want to build bridges not only between classical and classical music, but also between people and cultures, to be ambassadors for more togetherness and for more solidarity and respect.

From classical to jazz and klezmer to swing, operetta, chanson and musicals, with “Die Gala” you will experience a special event with many different facets, from light to profound, which will perhaps move you to tears, but will also sometimes encourage you to dance.

The Ensemble Spreegold consists of international classically trained musicians from Berlin, who are on the road in various genres and who would like to make a difference with their music.

A musical journey around the world from Paris to Vienna via Budapest or Buenos Aires and New York, stimulatingly presented by the Duo Pariser Flair.

Look forward to an eclectic musical gala evening!